WK 2018 Programma




•  3 categories with 3 different tees.​

  • Men - over 18 (4 rounds with 2 different cuts).

 - 1st Cut after 2nd Round – All players will play a 3rd Round but the 200 with top scores will compete on a different         course than the rest of the players.
- 2nd Cut after 3rd Round - All players will play 4th Round but the 100 with top scores will compete on a different course than the rest of the players, on sunday for the final.

  • Senior - over 45 (4 rounds with no cuts).  
  • Women - over 18 (4 rounds with no cuts).

•  The first official use of the FIFG World Tour Ranking.
•  Two 18 holes FootGolf courses .

Team Competition

• Start with16 countries. 
• 10 players + 2 substitutes per country.
• Qualifications based on the score of the best 4 or best 6 players after the 2nd round (The number of players taken into account will depend on the minimum number of players that the smallest country is allowed to bring).
• 18 holes in match play with 4 singles, 2 pairs in foursome, 1 pair in Four ball and 2 substitutes.
Last 16, quarterfinal, semifinal and final in 2 competition days


Each FIFG Member Country can choose its own criteria to select the members of its national team, based on the number of players they qualify for. The FIFG entry conditions for players will be the following:
• All players must have  the FIFG World Tour 2018 licence.
• Every player must have participated in at least 5 FIFG World Tour tournaments, official competitions organised by the national FIFG Member or a combination of both.

• Only FIFG Member Countries and their affililiated players with World Tour license (WTL) can compete.

• Free card for the current General Category FIFG World Champion: Christian Otero.
• Team Competition: Each FIFG Country may have the possibility to invite a max. of 10 extra players to compete in the Team Competition exclusively. These extra players won't be able to compete in any of the Individual Categories.
• Every President of an FIFG Member Country will be able to invite any former Professional Football Player who has officially represented it's country playing for the national football team,  to compete in the World Cup.  A letter of approval must be send to the FIFG board no later than one month before the event. Those players will not count in the total spots of their country. 
• Every President of an FIFG Member Country will be able to take an extra spot in the national squad and participate as a competitive player, fully respecting the entry conditions for players.
• The number of spots per country will be determined by the following scale . This scale is based on the number of FIFG 2017 World Tour licences (WTL) and number of players who participated in WT tournaments during 2017.
@daphnekoster We zouden het erg leuk vinden als je een x mee zou willen doen. We horen graag of je interesse hebt info@footgolfholland.com
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@daphnekoster Op 6 mei vindt een FootGolf toernooi plaats in Amsterdam. We willen je graag in onze sport introduceren. Er zijn meer profs.
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Morgen is er een FootGolf toernooi in #krimpenaandelek. Er zijn nog een paar plekken, starten om 15u. Wie doet mee?… https://t.co/Ay9brJtFXj
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Er is nog plek voor drie teams op het NK Ambtenaren FootGolf. Welke gezellige en sportieve collega's durven dit aan… https://t.co/xVa6n0bR4a
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@Johnheitinga We organiseren op 6 mei een FootGolf toernooi in Amsterdam. Meer profs doen mee. Doe je mee? info@footgolfholland.com
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